Business Opportunity

Business Opportunity

  • A free !  mobile phone worth £10,000.
  • 25% to 30% discount for future orders.
  • 2 websites & from which to sell the products complete with shopping cart facilities. These sites will be hosted on our dedicated server, this way we can frequently update products without any monthly costs to the individual.
  • Full involvement in all worldwide press releases regarding new product launches.
  • Exclusive selling & advertising rights within their state/region. Of all Goldstriker & Stuart Hughes Products.
  • The right to use the Goldstriker & Stuart Hughes name/trademark/logo.

Goldstriker & Stuart Hughes obligations

  • Full sales support to the individual.
  • Lifetime warranty on any gold plated products and a 1 year manufacture warranty.
  • All orders placed by the individual will be treated with the utmost importance, and delivered when promised.

Individuals’ obligations

  • To purchase the domain names for the websites, you may use the Goldstriker or Stuart Hughes name or alternatively you may choose your own name.
  • Responsible for all marketing & advertising within your state/region.
  • Take full ownership of all sales. Once a sale is completed that is a contract between the individual and their client and is in no way connected to Goldstriker or Stuart Hughes. We will provide the products for the sale and deliver them to you within the promised time, it is then your responsibility to examine the quality and condition of the product then deliver to your client.

Once the initial start up fee is paid, there are no further payments due to Goldstriker or Stuart Hughes.
For more details Email: [email protected]